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Who the hell is JOIN THA KULT?

Join Tha Kult is made up of Billboard #1 & Platinum singer-songwriter, Krysta Youngs, and Zach Maxey, platinum singer-songwriter and one half of the songwriting duo The Crushboys.  JTK was born by chance while working on an EP for HBO’s comedy television series, Rap Sh!t.  The EP didn’t get picked up by the show but it turned out so well that Join Tha Kult decided to put it out themselves.  The EP consists of six hip-hop/ pop songs that sound like a modern mix of Gwen Stefani and OutKast.  The band’s message is more than just music, it’s a movement based on self love, leadership, authenticity and abundance.  JTK is all about lighting candles, spiritual awakenings and creating a vibe that’s undeniable. So, come on and Join Tha Kult!

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